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Pattern for Annette’s Beanie!

Svenska här

Now we have winter in Sweden and the last days have been really cold, like -20 degrees Celcius (-4 degrees Farenheight) so it is really time for warm and cozy hats and beanies.

The other day I saw this really cute hat at All About Ami’s blog, and I loved it!

And since I hade the perfect yarn just lying around I decided to give it a try! But I soon realised I didn’t really care for the visible join in the back, and I wasn’t too fond of the edging either.

So I tried to make my own version and was so happy with the result I had to share the pattern with you!

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Lena’s Chunky Cowl!

Svenska här

Sorry I haven’t posted for so long but I have been busy crocheting! I will participate in one of the christmas fairs in my town, Sigtuna Julmarknad . So if you by any chance are in Sweden and Stockholm the first sunday in December, come and see me!

One of my products is this lovely cowl that I have named after my beautiful daughter Lena. It is a quick and easy project, perfect as a christmas present! And my early christmas present to you is a free pattern!


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Standing Single Crochet Tutorial!

Svenska här

To get your work neat standing stitches are a great help. They eliminate the need for starting chains when changing colour and makes the changes almost invisible, especially when crocheting in rounds. You won’t be able to tell were a round starts.

Here is a pic of a square were I didn’t use the standing stitches tequnique. It is really obvious were my rounds start, see? The work is a bit crocked and knobbly and doesn’t look professional. Yes, I regret being lazy with this square 🙂

So I thought I would show you how to make standing stitches. In this post we cover standing single crochets. A post for standing double crochets is coming up right after this one. If you know standing double crochet you will be able to make standing triple crochet and so on.

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Owl key holder!

Svenska här

I loose my keys all the time. So when I still had yarn left over after making my Sunburstbag and my toiletrybag I decided to use it to make a fairly large key holder to help prevent my keys from running away.

I had seen such a qute owl made for a baby decoration by Svarta Huset. I made just the owl skipping some rounds to make it a bit smaller.

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Owls and balls decoration for baby carriage by Svarta Huset!

I wanted an owl for a project and found some really qute ones in this post, by very talented swedish blogger Annika hwo runs the blog Svarta Huset.

I wanted to share my project with you and asked her if I she would allow me to translate the pattern for the owl. She agreed. lucky for us!

The owl I made comes from a beautiful decoration for baby carriages. After some thought I realised I have to translate the whole decoration by Svarta Huset or you would miss out!

I will show you my project in a separate post.

I cannot stress enough, the pattern below is not by me, it is by Annika at Svarta Huset! I merely have translated it to english, using her original pictures. All credit for the beautiful design belongs to Annika!

You need:

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Toiletry bag inspired by Bautawitch to go with my new bag!

Svenska här

I crochetet this bag a while ago. It is designed by a swedish designer called Bautawitch.

I did a post on it here but never translated it to english because there is no pattern for the bag in english.

I really love my bag but it lacks comparments for your odds and ends. So I decided to try making a small bag for this purpose from the left over yarn.

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Moogly CAL Square no 7!

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Det blev en alternativ ruta den här gången oxå. Råkade klicka på en länk i beskrivningsinlägget och blev helt kär i en annan ruta som samma desiger gjort, nämligen Bobble Stitch Afghan Square!

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Moogly CAL square no 6

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Dålig bild, gick viss lite fort där 🙂

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The MooglyCAL 2014 eng

Svenska här

I thought I would show you last year’s CAL (CrochetALong) from Moogly. I found the CAL in august and had to crochet like a madman to catch up 🙂

It really is not easy to take a pic of a whole blanket.


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