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Mandala Style Trivet Cover!

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I don’t know if you use these cork trivets from IKEA? In Sweden you will find them in almost every household. IKEA has sold them for ages, they are handy and durable, and they have always been really cheap you can replace them when they get dirty.

Downside is they aren’t that stylish… Lately I’ve been seeing crochetet covers for these trivets on Pinterest and I decided to make one that matches my Mandala Style Placemats.

A trivet with a cover would make a very nice gift or christmas present and since the trivets are 3,99 $ for three (and probably just as cheap in all countries that have IKEA), this project doesn’t ruin you. So here is the pattern!

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Roasted Nut Butter with Seeds!

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I use nut butter every day for my breakfast egg chai and I used to make plain hazelnut butter. But then I read somewhere that you can mix nuts and seeds and toast them lightly before making the nut butter. It made a huge difference, so, so tasty!

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Lace Skull bag!

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It has been a long time since I wrote something for my blog, life has been busy 🙂 But there has been time for crochet and I recently posted a pic on Facebook of this skull bag I made for my daughter.

There were quite a few requests for the pattern so I thought I would try to describe how I made it.

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Low Carb Scones!

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Last evening I had dinner at a fairly new thai restaurant in my neighbourhood. I ordered a sallad with filet of beef and got a plate full of grey, loose scraps of meat that were totally unedible. Left it all, the restaurant made me pay full price and I will never eat there again…

Felt sorry for myself until I decided to go home and try baking scones as comfort food. Success! Warm scones with butter and cheese and a cup of warm tea made my evening!

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Toiletry bag inspired by Bautawitch to go with my new bag!

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I crochetet this bag a while ago. It is designed by a swedish designer called Bautawitch.

I did a post on it here but never translated it to english because there is no pattern for the bag in english.

I really love my bag but it lacks comparments for your odds and ends. So I decided to try making a small bag for this purpose from the left over yarn.

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Home Made Roasted Garlic Purée!

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I don’t know if you have thought of this but there are never any garlic cloves in my pictures. Instead you can from time to time spot a beige- brownish purée here and there.

The reason for this is that I make a delicious roasted garlic purée wich I use instead of fresh garlic. I can’t remember where I learned to do this so I will just share the method with you.

When a recipie calls for 1 garlic clove I just add a teaspoon of purée.

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DIY Low Carb “Breadcrumbs”!

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Do you remember this post DIY Almond milk? When writing it I promised to show you what to do with the left over almond fibres and now the time has come!

These fibres make for world class Low Carb breadcrumb substitute! They look like breadcrumbs and they have a good ability to soak liquid. I use them everywere I would have used bread crumbs before this WOE.

I have tried to bread with almond flour before but it tends to come off in the pan. But when I made breaded filets of chicken with chili butter and mashed broccoli (recipie post in the making) with the almond fiber breadcrumbs it stuck to the filets and the coating was really crisp and delicious!

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Quick and delicious cottage and feta cheese mix!

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I learned today that one of my facebbook friends have made my roasted  cauliflower several times, and it really made me happy to learn that someone actually reads, and likes, what I post! I grew at least 2 inches and spent the entire afternoon mostly looking like a rooster 🙂

And tonight I met up with two friends for dinner, so nice to spend a couple of hours catching up and chatting!

But dinner out means there are no leftovers to bring to work for lunch tomorrow. And there are no good places to eat where I work.

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Pancakes with rasberries and lemon!

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Yesterday I made an new version of theese pancakes for breakfast.

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