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Asian fish cakes with dip!

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To make fish cakes is an excellent way to use frozen fish! Frozen fish tends to be quite dry when you cook it and mixing it up with eggs and flavours hides this. I made me some fish cakes last week and since I still had half a bunch cilantro sitting in my kitchen I went with asian style flavours.

Since the theme was asian I used cocnut cream instead of dairy cream. The coconut cream is the thick stuff in a can of coconut milk with no additatives that you can scoop out if you don’t shake the can before opening. Use the water left in the can for Hot Coconut Eggcocoa.

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Baked salmon with dill, lemon and mayo by Nina!

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Remember this post with Asian Baked Salmon with Mayo?

I decided to cook the original recipie for dinner last friday and share it with you. My friend Tina has cooked this for me, and she got the recipie from her mother Nina. Thanks for a great recipie Nina!

This is something you whip up in no time, so it is perfect for a friday night dinner after work!

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Asian baked salmon with mayo!

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A couple of weeks ago I ate baked salmon covered with dill and mayo at a friend’s house and it was delicious! I had no idea you could bake mayo but it worket fabulous!

So last night when she came to my house for dinner I decided to try making her salmon with an asian twist, and o’boy, what a brilliant idea! 🙂 I will certainly cook this dish many more times!

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Steamed filet of cod with sour cream, bacon, leeks and horse radish!

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Yesterday’s dinner was inspired by a swedish food magazine. It was fun to use the steaming device for my pot. I can’t find the proper word for it in english but here is a picture. Please let me know what you call it!

If you don’t have a steaming device, feel free to just boil your fish or why not fry it?

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Fried fish filets

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I used to have a really hard time fying fish filets, they would break, be over- or undercooked, it was difficult to get a nice sear and so on.

But then I picked up on a tip watching a danish cooking show and my fish frying days have been happy ever after so I thought I would share 🙂

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