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Print a homepage with!

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I have just added a new cool feature to my blog that I am really happy with! At the bottom of all my posts you will now find a button that says Print and PDF. Click it and you will get a printfriendly version of the page that you can print, save as a PDF or email to someone. You can even really easily edit out any text you find unnecessary. This is perfect for recipies and crochet patterns!

This feature comes from and you can use it to get a printfriendly version of any homepage you find online. It is really easy and totally free of charge. Let me show you how!

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Home Made Roasted Garlic Purée!

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I don’t know if you have thought of this but there are never any garlic cloves in my pictures. Instead you can from time to time spot a beige- brownish purée here and there.

The reason for this is that I make a delicious roasted garlic purée wich I use instead of fresh garlic. I can’t remember where I learned to do this so I will just share the method with you.

When a recipie calls for 1 garlic clove I just add a teaspoon of purée.

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DIY Low Carb “Breadcrumbs”!

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Do you remember this post DIY Almond milk? When writing it I promised to show you what to do with the left over almond fibres and now the time has come!

These fibres make for world class Low Carb breadcrumb substitute! They look like breadcrumbs and they have a good ability to soak liquid. I use them everywere I would have used bread crumbs before this WOE.

I have tried to bread with almond flour before but it tends to come off in the pan. But when I made breaded filets of chicken with chili butter and mashed broccoli (recipie post in the making) with the almond fiber breadcrumbs it stuck to the filets and the coating was really crisp and delicious!

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Dressing tips

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Jag gör som Jaimie Oliver gjorde innan han blev berömd och började sälja dyra köksprylar, och blandar salladsdressing i en gammal burk. Enkelt och snabbt. Ner med ingredienserna, på med locket, skaka, klart!

Följer dessutom hans råd att alltid göra dressingen lite för sur och lite för salt, då blir det perfekt blandat med sallad.

Toppa sedan med hemgjord salladstopping!

I do what Jamie Oliver used to do before he started to sell expensive kitchen stuff, and use an old jar to mix my dressings. Easy and quick. Throw the ingredients into the jar, put the lid on,, shake, done .

I also follow his advice and always make my dressing a little bit too sour and too salty, wich makes it perfect mixed with sallad

Finish of with home made salad topping!

Zoodles! Eng

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This beauty finally arrived at my home today. In USA you could get one almost similar from here.

So much fun to work with! Here it is in action making zoodles, spirales of zucchini.

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