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Apple Cake with Cinnamon, Ginger and Walnuts!

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I recently got a whole bag of apples from my nice neighbour so I have made apple pies using the pie dough from this recipie but yesterday I was in the mood for something different.  I made an apple cake and it was delicious! So here is the recipie!

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Low Carb Scones!

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Last evening I had dinner at a fairly new thai restaurant in my neighbourhood. I ordered a sallad with filet of beef and got a plate full of grey, loose scraps of meat that were totally unedible. Left it all, the restaurant made me pay full price and I will never eat there again…

Felt sorry for myself until I decided to go home and try baking scones as comfort food. Success! Warm scones with butter and cheese and a cup of warm tea made my evening!

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Rhubarb Cobbler!

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In Sweden rhubarbs means spring is here. In almost every garden you find a rhubarb plant. Not in mine, for some reason I can’t get anything to grow… Luckily my neighbours let me have of theirs 🙂

We celebratet Walpurgi’s Eve last thursday, a perfect time for the first rhubarb cobbler of the year! I love this recipie because you can mix the batter in the pan were you melt the butter, and mixing with a spatula keeps dishes to a minimum. Perfect when one is lazy like me!

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Seed crackers with rosemary!

Kryddade frökexen med torkad rosmarin idag, succe!!! Smakar lite som Vilmas rosmarin knäckesticks och det är inte fy skam! Prova! Ca 3 tsk smulad rosmarin till dubbel sats.

Just have to make a quick post to encourage you to try these seed crackers adding rosemary!

I added about 3 teaspoons of dried rosemary to a double batch and it is delish!!!

Swedish semla cupcakes by Jills Mat!

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Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday and in Scandinavia we celebrate this by eating semla.

Eating lowcarb the traditional semla is out of the question but I have had my eyes on this receipie for Semla cupcakes by Jills Mat for sometime, and now the moment to try arrived!

Take a look at Jills pic in the link above, hers are so much prettier than mine!

Jill has kindly allowed me to translate the recipie for you, and o’boy, you need to try them!

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Really good seed crackers

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Since I started eating low carb I allways keep a jar of these seed crackers in my pantry. They are glutenfree and low carb but most of all they are totally delicious. They work equally well with some butter and cheese as paired with fancy cheeses on an after dinner cheese tray.

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