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Cleaning out my fridge, or Eggs in a Nest With Bacon and Feta Cheese!

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As I was staring into my fridge, looking at a packet of bacon, a piece of feta cheese and some vegetables in need of TLC I started thinking about a turkish dish with eggs cooked in an onion-tomatoe sauce I have wanted to try for some time. Why not try to do something like that with my ingredients? The result was delicious!

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My Moussaka!

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This moussaka does not in any way claim to be authentic. Nor is it a dish you would throw together in 30 minutes after work on a wednesday. The recipie for that kind of moussaka (also being totally unauthentic) you find here.

No, this is a three step rocket you have to start at least the day before you plan to eat your moussaka. But, boy, o’boy, it’s worth the time and effort you put into it!

Slow cooked, well seasoned minced meat stew rests between layers of soft aubergine. All this goodness is topped by soft, silky cheese topping!

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Moussaka made easy by Lotta Lundgren in low carb version

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We have this incredibly talented cook book author in Sweden, Lotta Lundgren. She started out as a food blogger when she was on maternal leave and then published her first cook book, the most beatutiful and funny cook book I ever owned!

And guess what? It is translated to english! If I Were Your Wife: Or How to Make Everyday Taste Like Saturday. This is not a low carb book but a lot of the recipies are adaptable and the book is totally packed with tips and tricks and will probably change the way you cook forever so I relly recommend you buy it! (I am in no way payed to say this. I just love the book! She has written another one and I really hope it will be translated too!)

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Crustless broccoli, mushroom and walnut pie

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This pie originates from an old cook book by swedish author Anna Bergenström. But since I haven’t read the original recipie in about 10 years I’m not sure of the similarity of my pie and hers. But I do know it is darn tasty!

The pie is vegetarian and the combination of broccoli, mushrooms and walnuts is really nice!

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Crustless Brie and Tomato Pie

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This is an effortless supper that you whip up in no time and then you can relax while it bakes in the oven.

Set the oven on 180 degrees Celcius (356 degrees Farenheight).

Start off with a large Brie cheese and cut it into a littel more than 1 cm slices. Grease a baking pan and cover the bottom of the pan with the slices.

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