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Roasted Nut Butter with Seeds!

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I use nut butter every day for my breakfast egg chai and I used to make plain hazelnut butter. But then I read somewhere that you can mix nuts and seeds and toast them lightly before making the nut butter. It made a huge difference, so, so tasty!

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Home Made Roasted Garlic Purée!

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I don’t know if you have thought of this but there are never any garlic cloves in my pictures. Instead you can from time to time spot a beige- brownish purée here and there.

The reason for this is that I make a delicious roasted garlic purée wich I use instead of fresh garlic. I can’t remember where I learned to do this so I will just share the method with you.

When a recipie calls for 1 garlic clove I just add a teaspoon of purée.

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Ghee, clarified butter

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Ghee is a kind of clarified butter and is commonly used in India as well as other countries. Ghee has a smell of toffee and tastes like browned butter.

It is fantastic for frying since it can take much higher temperatures than butter before burning. .And a spoonful of ghee ontop of boiled vegetables or fried fish enhances the flavours tremendously!

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Seed crackers with rosemary!

Kryddade frökexen med torkad rosmarin idag, succe!!! Smakar lite som Vilmas rosmarin knäckesticks och det är inte fy skam! Prova! Ca 3 tsk smulad rosmarin till dubbel sats.

Just have to make a quick post to encourage you to try these seed crackers adding rosemary!

I added about 3 teaspoons of dried rosemary to a double batch and it is delish!!!

Nut butter

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Do you know how easy it is to make your own nut butter? It’s a piece of cake! Pour some nuts into your food processor. Hit the power switch. Wait. Wait some more, And more. Done!

There are two difficulties to this process. 1: To have the power to beliveve the nuts will actually turn into butter. 2: Have the patience to wait for as long as it takes.

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Home made salad topping

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Went to the store to boy ingredients for tonight’s salad.

Looked at a small bag of salad topping and thought it would add a nice crunch to my salad. Realised the bag contained plain sunflowerseeds, some pumpkin seeds and very few pinenuts. And they sure weren’t giving it away!

Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds have a permanent home in my freezer, ready for duty when it’s time to make seed crackers. So I grabbed a bag of pine nuts and headed for home.

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Really good seed crackers

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Since I started eating low carb I allways keep a jar of these seed crackers in my pantry. They are glutenfree and low carb but most of all they are totally delicious. They work equally well with some butter and cheese as paired with fancy cheeses on an after dinner cheese tray.

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Långrostade mandlar / Slow roasted almonds

Igår var vi på galet god middag hos min mamma. Jag tog med en burk långrostade mandlar  (recept i länken) som gåbortspresent. De är galet goda, jag har alltid en burk i kylen (mandel och nötter är feta och härsknar fort i rumstemp) som jag använder på allt (och småäter av när ingen ser).

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