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Tutorial standing half double crochets and double crochets made easier!

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When starting a new round/ row you usually start with chains to build hight for your stitches. This method makes it pretty obvious where  the row or round starts.

I have been using this method when starting a round or row of double crochets and half double crochets in a new colour to make the start invisible. I like this method a lot but find it difficult to crochet into this particular stitch.

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Avoid Pooling When Working With Gradient Yarn!

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I made this shawl for my sister’s birthday using a gradient yarn.

When working with gradient yarn the yarn often has a tendency to pool leaving areas in similar colour as oposed to the stripey effect you usually want.

I had read about a really simple tecnique to avoid pooling and tried it for the first time on this shawl.

Since I think it worked really well I thought I would share the tecnique sith you!

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Print a homepage with!

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I have just added a new cool feature to my blog that I am really happy with! At the bottom of all my posts you will now find a button that says Print and PDF. Click it and you will get a printfriendly version of the page that you can print, save as a PDF or email to someone. You can even really easily edit out any text you find unnecessary. This is perfect for recipies and crochet patterns!

This feature comes from and you can use it to get a printfriendly version of any homepage you find online. It is really easy and totally free of charge. Let me show you how!

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Standing Double Crochet Tutorial!

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In this post I showed you standing single crochet. Now it is time for standing double crochets.

This technique is used when changing colours. Starting a round with a standing double crochet instead of chaining 3 when changing color makes it almost inpossible to see were round starts. And when working in rows it gives a more professional finish.

I wish I had used the tequnique for this square…

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Standing Single Crochet Tutorial!

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To get your work neat standing stitches are a great help. They eliminate the need for starting chains when changing colour and makes the changes almost invisible, especially when crocheting in rounds. You won’t be able to tell were a round starts.

Here is a pic of a square were I didn’t use the standing stitches tequnique. It is really obvious were my rounds start, see? The work is a bit crocked and knobbly and doesn’t look professional. Yes, I regret being lazy with this square 🙂

So I thought I would show you how to make standing stitches. In this post we cover standing single crochets. A post for standing double crochets is coming up right after this one. If you know standing double crochet you will be able to make standing triple crochet and so on.

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How to get a straight join when crocheting in the round

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A couple of days ago I did a post on how to make your join less invisible when crocheting in a cicle. This works well and gives you a straight join as long as you are crocheting someting flat, with increases.

But when crocheting a more tubeformed objeckt, like a hat after the initial increases, the join will move a little bit to the right with every row. This will happen even if you join traditional and count your beginning chain as a stitch.

I made a swatch to show you, join marked with pink yarn.

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Less visible join for circles

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I’m not a fan of the look of a join in a circle when you do it the traditional way so I thought I would show you how I do it. I learned the technique from Rheateylia and use it all the time now.

The join is still visible but in my opinion much less obvious and neater. I made two swatches to show you Traditional join to the left and less visible one to the right.

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