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Trondheim no 2!

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Virkade en till Trondheimsjal åt en väninna i ett annat garn och så här blev den 🙂 Continue reading “Trondheim no 2!”

The Trondheim Shawl!

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A couple of years ago I spent some weeks in a beautiful Norwegian city called Trondheim, working as a nurse. In my free time I explored the city and surroundings and I found a fabulous yarn store. Norway is famous for wool yarn and knitting, and I brought home some gorgeous Norwegian wool yarn. This Christmas I finally got to try some of it out and the Trondheim Shawl was born. I am so happy with the result I want to share the pattern with you guys! Continue reading “The Trondheim Shawl!”

Avoid Pooling When Working With Gradient Yarn!

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I made this shawl for my sister’s birthday using a gradient yarn.

When working with gradient yarn the yarn often has a tendency to pool leaving areas in similar colour as oposed to the stripey effect you usually want.

I had read about a really simple tecnique to avoid pooling and tried it for the first time on this shawl.

Since I think it worked really well I thought I would share the tecnique sith you!

Continue reading “Avoid Pooling When Working With Gradient Yarn!”

Eva’s shawl

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At my last visit to the yarn store I picked upp a beautiful mohair yarn with sequins from Rowan. It is now out of stock but the name is Kidsilk Haze Glamour if you find it. 177 yards or 162 metres / 25 gr.

I bought white, turquoise and grey and I knew I wanted to make a shawl. I wanted a thin drapy one with some stich pattern but not to frilly.

Continue reading “Eva’s shawl”

A cowl to go with my hat

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A while ago I made this hat for myself and since then I’ve been trying to find a pattern for a cowl to go with it.

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Chewron Lace Shawl by Moogly

Den här sjalen virkade jag till min mamma som snart fyller 75. Eftersom hon åker bort imorgon fick hon den när vi var där och åt middag.

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