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Moogly CAL

Tips and Tricks on Moogly CAL 2016!

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Hi again!

I thought I would go out of 2016 with a bang and add a new post today 🙂 There hasn’t been much action here on the blog this year and I blame my new, superfun job for that 🙂 But today I thought I would share my experiences on doing the Moogly CAL 2016 with you. Continue reading “Tips and Tricks on Moogly CAL 2016!”

Kajsa’s Clean Afghan Border and trying to get CAL blocks the same size!

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Finally I’m done with the Moogly CAL 2015 and my cat Smirrnoff is super happy with the result, and so am I! The afghan is really big because I wasn’t able to figure out how to get all the blocks the same size. I measured and measured but after blocking they still came out differently so at the end I had to use the largest one as a template and add rounds to the other ones…

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Moogly CAL 2015 Square no 8!

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Gillade den här rutan jättemycket! Speciellt cirkeln i mitten är läcker tycker jag, med sin struktur.

Here is link to Mooglys post about this square.

I really liked this square! Especially the cirkle in the middle with a lot of structure!

Moogly CAL Square no 7!

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Det blev en alternativ ruta den här gången oxå. Råkade klicka på en länk i beskrivningsinlägget och blev helt kär i en annan ruta som samma desiger gjort, nämligen Bobble Stitch Afghan Square!

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Moogly CAL square no 6

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Dålig bild, gick viss lite fort där 🙂

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The MooglyCAL 2014 eng

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I thought I would show you last year’s CAL (CrochetALong) from Moogly. I found the CAL in august and had to crochet like a madman to catch up 🙂

It really is not easy to take a pic of a whole blanket.


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MooglyCAL 2015 Square 5

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Den här gången fick det bli en alternativ ruta som jag även gjorde till Moogly CAL 2014. En favorit i repris helt enkelt! Den här gången fick jag lägga till ett par varv fastmaskor på slutet för att komma upp i rätt storlek.

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MooglyCAL 2015 square 4

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Nummer 4 äntligen klar!

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MooglyCAL Inspiration

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Nu när en ruta i varje accentfärg är klar tänkte jag visa bilden som är inspiration till färgerna i min CAL.

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