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Kajsa’s Clean Afghan Border and trying to get CAL blocks the same size!

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Finally I’m done with the Moogly CAL 2015 and my cat Smirrnoff is super happy with the result, and so am I! The afghan is really big because I wasn’t able to figure out how to get all the blocks the same size. I measured and measured but after blocking they still came out differently so at the end I had to use the largest one as a template and add rounds to the other ones…

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Sigtuna Julmarknad!

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Imorgon är det dags! Jag ska för första gången i mitt liv ha ett stånd på en marknad och sälja mina alster. Ni kommer väl och hälsar på mej?

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Mandala Style Placemats!

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I wanted some new place mats for my kitchentable and searched the internet for a pattern but I couldn’t find one I liked. But in the search I stumbled upon this pattern, Little Spring Mandala, and fell in love!

I decided to try go grow it into place mats and I have to say I am really pleased with the result, being the first time I try to grow a pattern. So I desided to share the pattern with you guys!

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Owl key holder!

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I loose my keys all the time. So when I still had yarn left over after making my Sunburstbag and my toiletrybag I decided to use it to make a fairly large key holder to help prevent my keys from running away.

I had seen such a qute owl made for a baby decoration by Svarta Huset. I made just the owl skipping some rounds to make it a bit smaller.

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Lining for my Toiletry bag Inspired by Bautawitch!

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A while ago I promised to show you how I lined my Toiletry Bag Inspired by Bautawitch. I really didn’t want my odds and ends falling out of the holes between the mouches. And the lining gives the bag a proffesional finish even though the model is really simple 🙂

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Owl candle holder!

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I saw such a qute owl candle holder in a swedish crochet group on Facebook a couple of days ago. And since I needed a gift to bring to a dinnerparty yesterday I tried to find the picture but failed. So I decided to try making my own owl candle light holder.

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Crochetet candle holders by Virrkpannan

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I wanted to make some candle holders to give as presents and found a nice pattern by Virrkpannan. They are crochetet over glas jars so it is also a nice recycle object.


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Small snail

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I was asked to crochet a snail and found this pattern by Kungen och Majkis. It was easy to crochet and a quick project. Great as a stashbuster!

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Egg granades!

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You know when you have boiled eggs in your lunch pack just to have them break and the smell is… not nice?

When I was making this hat I came to think of the beginning of the hat as being perfect for an egg cozy with some adjustments.

I made a couple and have been trying them out for a while. No funky smell from my lunch pack any more!

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