Stashbuster Blanket, Stardust Melodies CAL by Polly Plum on Every Trick on the Hook!

Long time, no blog post, but I want to share this blanket with you, I love the way it turned out! The texture of these squares are amazing and DROPS Muskat is perfect to really show off the texture!

I love Drops Muskat cotton yarn and as I have been doing quite a lot of projects, and always play safe when I order yarn for a project I found myself with a lot of left over balls. I had seen Polly Plum on Every trick on the Hook’s Stardust Melodies CAL on Facebook and liked the design so I decided to give it a try.

Normally I would plan a blanket really thoroughly, colors, color placement etc, but this time I did not know what my yarn would be enough for, how many squares of each color I could make, or how many colors I would need to use, so for the first time of my life I through myself into a random, organical, plan as you go project.

I only used the free patterns of the CAL, and not all of them. I started with the ones I liked the most and then went from there. I started to make 4 squares of each color, and when I did not have enough yarn I made fewer.

The squares came out pretty small, and I also thought the amazing texture needed to be shown off, so after a few squares I decided to add 2 rounds of back loop single crochets in contrast color, the same I planned for joining and edging, to each square. This brought them up to size a bit, and also made the texture pop out.

After making about 14 squares I layed them out to check blanket size and decided 35 squares would make a nice blanket if I made a wider edging.

As usuall I blocked my squares as I went along and also weaved in all tails, exept for the ones in the last round. I have found leaving tails in last round and weaving them in at end of project makes for nicer weaving in. Same thing when blanket is joined, I leave all tails at outer edges and weave them in after edging is done.

So I continued, and added in colors, made more squares than 4 in the same color of the yarns I had plenty of, but with different designs. As I did not fancy all of the designs I made squares in different colors but same design also.

As 35 is an uneven number I made 1 square in a color only used for this square, I planned this one for the middle of the blanket.

When all squares were made I layed them out and decided how I wanted them in the blanket. I went with 7 squares horisontally and 5 vertically. I used the joining method from the Nuts about Squares CAL by Esther at It’s all in a Nutshell.

But when joining something happened and I got my squares mixed up. I did not notice until I had joined all squares horisontally, and I could not be bothered to frog since the joining method I chose is quite tedious, so my “middle” square now sits in second horisontal row instead of in fourth, and some squares with same design sit next to each other. But it still works 🙂

For edging I went with a simple basked weave edge, the one Polly Plum suggests for the free version of the CAL. I made 9 rounds to make it wide and nice.

Here are the yarns I used, links to patterns and other useful info if you would like to give it a try:

Yarns and approximate amounts

DROPS Muskat cotton yarn

Square colors








01 (if planning this project I would probably have skipped this color)

07 (this is the single square that was supposed to be the middle square, you might want to skip)

Every square used about 30-40 grams of yarn so I would plan 1 ball per square to be on the safe side.

Extra 2 rounds of single crochet, join and edge color


1 ball covered the 2 extra rounds of 6-7 squares. The joining used about 1,5 balls and the edging about 5 balls. As our tension differs I would order a bit extra to be on the safe side. You do not want to risk getting balls from different color baths as this really can be visible with light colored yarns.


For squares: 5,5

For joining and edge: 4.5 (you might want to use 5.5 for join or even go up to a 6 depending on tension.)

Extra 2 rounds of blsc crochet

Just blsc in every stitch on sides of squares and make 1 sc, ch 2, 1 sc in every corner. It was quite hard to join the squares vertically in the corners after joining horisontally, so you could try making 4 sc in every corner for last round. If trying this I would make 4 squares and try joining them to see if it works, before doing all. You could also make 4 with the 1 sc, ch 2, 1 sc corners and try joining them to see what you prefer.

Stardust melodies CAL resourses

Joining resource

Good luck and please share your projects with hashtags #stardustmelodiescal #itsallinanutshell and #stitchesandsupper so I can see and admire your blankets!

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