Nuts About Tranquility, Color Choices!

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Hi again!

I am now a little more than half way trough the Nuts About Squares CAL, hosted by extremely talented Esther at It’s All in a Nutshell. This really is one of the most thought trough CALs I have ever seen, so I feel I need to share the journey with you as I go along!

In this CAL we crochet squares and Esther publishes a new one every Thursday. In the end we will join them and add a border and have ourselves a lovely blanket.

My plan is to write a post on every part of the CAL ending up with a post where all info i collected and by then we will know amounts of yarn for my choice as I will remember to count this time 🙂 I will try to catch up by posting the squares already done at a quicker pace, and today we start of with my yarn choice and color way.

Esther has been working on this CAL for more than a year before starting to publish. She has carefully chosen which squares to include, made video tutorials, thought about yarn and colours and just about everything you need to think about in a CAL. It is a joy to take part of it! There are yarn packs for your convenience, but also detailed info on what you need to think about if you want to chose a different yarn and/ or your own colour way. Here is Esther’s post on yarn.

I wanted to make my blanket in my favorite yarn Drops Muskat, a pure cotton yarn with a beautiful sheen that comes in 37 colors so everyone can find their favorite combination.

As my latest projects have either been really colorful, like the MM blanket, or calm and blue like the Last Dance on the Beach blanket and the Star of Wonder blanket,or earthy like the Moogly CAL 2016 I really wanted something different this time.

I wanted calm but colourful. And since I have small crocheted squares in all colors of Drops Muskat (thank you again Swedish web store Hobbii!) I could play around until I found the combination I like the best. If you want to learn more about color chosing I strongly recommend you read this, this and  this post from Helen at Crystals and Crochet.

So I decided like this, and these are the amounts I bought (not sure if it will be enough though):

Update: The blanket is now finished and I have the exact amounts I have used so this list is updated. Bear in mind we all have a different tension so it might be a good idea to pick up a ball extra. There is also a nice bonus pattern so you might want to have som extra yarn at the end 🙂

Color A: Wine, no 79, 17 balls

Color B: Beige, no 23, 15 balls (this one looks almost gold due to it’s sheen)

Color C: Light Grey, no 19, 10 balls

Color D: Light Yellow, no 07, 11 balls

Color E: Light Blue Purlpe, no 01, 8 balls

Color F: Peach, no 10, 9 balls

IMG_20170404_075935_691 (1)

I wanted the lilac to “add a little poison” to the mix, if your colors harmonize to well it can get a bit boring. Half way trough my feeling is it might have been better to have light yellow as color E and lilac as color D but we will see in the end and I will get back to you on that note.

By the way, one of the neat things about this CAL is that (at least so far) most of the squares are made in threes, but all with different color placements, and it makes such a difference to the appearance of each square. Sometimes it is hard to believe all three are the same pattern!

Esther encourages all participants to name their color way so I named mine Nuts About Tranquility

See you soon with info on the first squares!


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