Mandala Madness CAL English!

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Last week I finally completed the Mandala Madness CAL that I started in the beginning of 2016. I have been working on it inbetween other projects and sometimes it has been resting due to me knowing I made a mistake and mustering up energy to frog 🙂 This is by far the most fun crochet project I have ever made and I thought I would do a quick post to brag about the result 🙂


The texture of this blanket is totally faboulous! There is something interesting happening in every round, and you learn new techniques all the way! Love it!


When I found this CAL I just knew I had to make it. The colourway of the Merino alternative was really lovely, but starting two other CALs at the same time my economy did not allow for this yarn and I was looking for an alternative.

Drops Muskat comes in a range of colours and was in size comparable to the original so this became my choice. I hadn’t used that yarn before but was really pleased with it. It is soft, has a nice shine and is easy to crochet with.

Then I started to compare the colours of the original yarn with my substitute. I could not get them to match completely, and also looking at the colours on the website they do not always look the same IRL so it became a bit of a gamble. At the bottom of this post I will list how I substituted if you want to follow my colourway. It would also be faboulous in just three or four colours, or even in just one colour, that would really show off the lovely texture in this blanket! I am actually thinking of making another one this year 🙂


I ordered the same yardage of yarn as the original states, and then added on a couple of balls extra. Half way through the CAL I ran out of one colour so I ordered more yarn of all colours to make sure I would have enough. I did not count how much yarn I ended up using but it was a lot 🙂

Starting out I wasn’t sure how big the finnished blanket would be, but it is HUGE! It almost covers my queen size bed, and would work nicely as a bed spread. Too bad I never make my bed 🙂 There is also an option to grow your blanket and square it of.


The pattern of each part of the CAL is really easy to follow and not one round is the same as another so there is not one dull moment during this CAL! But you need to keep track of your stitch count!

The pattern is translated to a lot of different languages but I followed the English version. I did not find any errors at all in the pattern. And best of all, it is free and available online so you can start whenever you want to!

If you are looking for a larger project that will keep your interest throughout the whole experience, this is definitily for you!


I used hook size 4.


My colour substitutes using Drops Muskat (the Drops choice after the -)

Carney 63 – 34

Magritte 614 – 02

Gaugin 619 – 49

Rothko 623 – 41

Warhol 640 – 40

Titan 647 – 06

Kahlo 626- 03

Soutine 615 – 32

De Goya 648 – 30

Giotto 613 – 01

Kardinsky 625 – 74

Mondrian 611 – 36

Monet 639 – 04

Hockney 638 – 14

Good luck with your Mandala Madness blanket!

2 thoughts on “Mandala Madness CAL English!

  1. Vilken helt underbar filt. Jag älskar ditt färgval.
    jag blev förälskad i detta mönster så fort jag såg det förra sommaren och la det i högen med kommande projekt. Igår började jag på min också i Drops Muskat, men enbart i rosa och lila nyanser. Alternerar mellan sju färger och håller tummarna för att det blir bra. Att se din färdiga idag inspirerade mig ytterligare att fortsätta och göra klart 🙂


    • Tack! Jag tror att den blir jättefin i Muskat, ett av mina favoritgarner. Lycka till, och posta gärna en bild när du är klar, det vore så roligt att få se din färdiga filt!


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