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When starting a new round/ row you usually start with chains to build hight for your stitches. This method makes it pretty obvious where  the row or round starts.

I have been using this method when starting a round or row of double crochets and half double crochets in a new colour to make the start invisible. I like this method a lot but find it difficult to crochet into this particular stitch.

When starting a round/ row of single crochets I use this method with a slip stitch. The slip stitch makes it easier to crochet into the stitch.

So I tried and found that the slip stitch method easily lends itself to half double crochets and double crochets. The pics below are from a half double crochet.

Here we go!


Make a slipknot on your hook. If you click the pics they enlargen.

Hold the slipknot on your hook with a finger and yarn over.

Insert hook in designated stitch. Yarn over, pull through.

Yarn over, pull through all loops on hook. Done!