Pattern for Annette’s Beanie!

Svenska här

Now we have winter in Sweden and the last days have been really cold, like -20 degrees Celcius (-4 degrees Farenheight) so it is really time for warm and cozy hats and beanies.

The other day I saw this really cute hat at All About Ami’s blog, and I loved it!

And since I hade the perfect yarn just lying around I decided to give it a try! But I soon realised I didn’t really care for the visible join in the back, and I wasn’t too fond of the edging either.

So I tried to make my own version and was so happy with the result I had to share the pattern with you!

For the edging I used the stitching from these coffee cozies and I love the result! I have been looking for a project to use these stitches in and I finally found it.

And I am totally fascinated that a simple stitch combination of single and double crochets can  give such fabulous texture!

I used a swedish yarn,Split by Järbo Garn, a super bulky acrylic yarn for this. Split is 1,7 oz/ 55 yards or 50 grams/ 50 metres.

According to Yarn Sub Hobby Lobby’s I love This Chunky is a 99 % match and Katia’s Alaska is a 97 % match to Split so those options should work just fine!

I also think you could use a thinner yarn and needles and add more increasing rounds and regular rounds, just experiment and have fun with it!

The hat part is worked in continous rounds while the edging uses slipstitch joining.

Here is a link to the pattern on Ravelry, don’t forget to add to favourites and your que so you don’t loose track of the pattern! 🙂

And for printing the pattern, use the nifty print button at the very end of this post!

Last but not least, please, please, please post a pic of your finished project on your favourite social media with the hashtag #stitchesandsupper!

Oh, why is the beanie named Annette’s Beanie? Because my dear friend Annette asked me to make one for her the minute I had posted a pic of the first one I made 🙂

A special Thank You! goes to Ulla Hempel, Cathrin Nini,Linnea Bergström, Ulrica Ragvald Emilsson and Åsa Petterson from the Swedish face book group Virka och få Inspiration (Chrochet and be Inspired) who tested the pattern and gave valuable input! They range from beginner to experiensed crocheters and all made fabulous beanies!

Annette’s Beanie

You will need:

  • Super bulky yarn, I had 3,5 oz wich was more than enough.
  • Crochet hooks no 9 and 7, or N and K (K is slightly smaller than 7 but according to my conversion charts there isn’t a perfect match…)
  • 1 stitch marker or safety pin

Special Stitches:

Magical ring tutorial

Alternative to magical ring:

Chain 2, leave a reaonably long tail in the beginning. Then crochet the whole first round in second chain from hook. Pull tight with tail.

Beanie Part

Crochet hook no 9 or N

Round 1: Chain (ch) 1 into a magical ring. X 1 single crochet (sc) and 1 double crochet (dc) in the ring. X. Repeat X-X 4 times. Pull the tail to close the ring but Do NOT join with a slip stitch. (10 stitches)

Round 2: 1 dc and 1 sc in every stitch (st). Place a stitch marker in this round’s first stitch to keep track of wh ere each round starts. Move the stitch marker up to the first stitch in every round. (20 st)

Round 3: This round we will increase 2 st in every other st and at the same time do sc each other st and dc each other so you will need to focus a bit 🙂

This is the way it goes: 1 sc and 1 dc in first st, 1 sc in next st, 1 dc and 1 sc in next st, 1 dc in next st, 1 sc and 1 dc in next st, 1 sc in next st, 1 dc and 1 sc in next st and so on the rest of the round. (30 st)


Round 4: 1 dc and 1 sc in next st, 1 sc in next st, 1 dc in next st X. Repeat X-X rest of round. (40 st)

Round 5: We are done with the increasing rounds and will from now on be altering dc and sc in each stitch. Each round will end with the same stitch next round starts with. So if you ended with a dc you will also start with a dc.

X1 dc in next st,  1 sc in next st. X. Repeat X-X rest of round. (40 st)

Round 6:  X 1 sc in next st, 1 dc in next st X. Repeat X-X rest of round. (40 st)

Round 7: X ! dc in next st, 1 sc in next stX. Repeat X-X rest of round. (40 st)

Round 8-12: Repeat round 6 and 7.

If you wish to make your beanie more slouchy simply keep on adding rounds. The last stitch before the edging should be a sc, so if you finish with a round 6 you need to make the first sc of round 7 before starting round 13.


Crochet hook  no 7 or K

Round13:  Slipstitch (sl) in the next st, ch 1 (doesn’t count as st), 1 half double crochet (hdc) in same st and in each st rest of round. Join with sl in first hdc of round. (40 st)

Round 14:  In this, and the following rounds, we will crochet into the third loop of each st, found in the back of the fabric and often referred to as the “back bump”. This is what gives the edge the cool knitted look.

In the pic below you see the wrong side of the fabric and the needle points out where each stitch goes

It might be a tad difficult to find the back bump of the very first st but I have marked it with the needle in the pic below.

Let’s go! Ch 1 (doesn’t count as st), 1 hdc in back bump of same st and in each st rest of round. Join to first hdc of round with sl. (40 st)

Row 15-16: Repeat row 14v (wich is 1 more row than in the pics of the finished hat above). If you want a broader edging just repeat row 14 as many times as you like.

Row17:  Ch 1 (doesn’t count as st), 1 sc in back bump of same st and in each st rest of row. Join to first sc of round with sl. Fasten of and weave in tails.


I made this flower using hook no 6 or J and attatched it to a safety pin but I think I like the beanie best au naturel 🙂


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