Avoid Pooling When Working With Gradient Yarn!

Svenska här

I made this shawl for my sister’s birthday using a gradient yarn.

When working with gradient yarn the yarn often has a tendency to pool leaving areas in similar colour as oposed to the stripey effect you usually want.

I had read about a really simple tecnique to avoid pooling and tried it for the first time on this shawl.

Since I think it worked really well I thought I would share the tecnique sith you!

This is so simple it is almost embarasing! All you have to do is use 2 balls of yarn and alter the balls every other round or row. This way you have more nuances going on at the same time and get a more stripey effect.

I did’nt want to weave in a bunch of ends so I just draged the yarn with me row after row and then covered the edge with a loosley crochetet row of single crocehts. This worked like a charm!

The pattern for this shawl is Penelope Shawl and it is free.  I did 10 rows of eyelets.

I used a swedish yarn, Vinga for this shawl in colour 40662. This yarn is 85 % acrylic and 15 % wool, 190 metres in 100 grams. I used hook size 10, or N/P making this a fairly quick project.

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