Lena’s Chunky Cowl!

Svenska här

Sorry I haven’t posted for so long but I have been busy crocheting! I will participate in one of the christmas fairs in my town, Sigtuna Julmarknad . So if you by any chance are in Sweden and Stockholm the first sunday in December, come and see me!

One of my products is this lovely cowl that I have named after my beautiful daughter Lena. It is a quick and easy project, perfect as a christmas present! And my early christmas present to you is a free pattern!


I made mine in Drops Andes, a beautiful, chunky wool and alpacka yarn. This yarn is 96 metres in 100 grams. But you could use any yarn you want, just adapt the number of stitches, rounds and use an appropriate hook size for your yarn. Allways end with a round no 1.

I made the cowls in 2 different colours. There will be 1 more round in the colour you start with. If you are using the Andes yarn you will need a little more than 1 ball of the starting yarn and a little less than 1 ball of the other yarn. This means that you will get 2 cowls in reversed colours from 4 balls of yarn. I’m not sure if this makes sense, but go ahead and buy 4 balls of yarn and it will become clear as you go 🙂

I start with a chainless double crochet foundation wich gives a neat and proffesional look. It also makes the bottom edge as elastic as the top edge. But if you prefer you could start with regular chains.

The pattern is formed by combining 1 round of back post double crochets with one round of regular double crochets. This gives a nice texture and forms the stripes.

The yarn you start with will be the most visible in the finished piece.

In the Special Stitches section of the pattern you find links to tutorials for chainless double crochet foundation and back post double crochets.

Here is a link to the pattern on Ravelry. Add it to your favourites and to your queue for easy acces 🙂

And don’t forget the handy print button at the bottom of this post!

Lena’s Chunky Cowl!

You need

4 balls of Andes yarn, 2 balls of each colour. Or you could make your cowl in just one colour, it will still look really nice!

Hook no L or 8

Special Stitches

Chainless double crochet foundation stitch

Back post double crochet


Crochet 100 chainless double crochet foundation stitches. Join wit slipstitch (sl). Change colour.

Round 1: Chain (ch) 2. This does not count as a double crochet (dc)! 1 back post double crochet in every stitch rest of round. Join in first dc of round  with sl. Change colour.

Round 2: Ch 2 (does not count as a dc). 1 dc in every stitch rest of round. Join in first dc of round with sl. Change colour.

Repeat round 1 and 2 3 times. Finish with one more round 1. Fasten off yarns and weave in ends.

Block cowl by soaking it in luke warm water, wring it out and leave to dry flat. You are done!

Now make one more cowl starting with the second colour this time.




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