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I have just added a new cool feature to my blog that I am really happy with! At the bottom of all my posts you will now find a button that says Print and PDF. Click it and you will get a printfriendly version of the page that you can print, save as a PDF or email to someone. You can even really easily edit out any text you find unnecessary. This is perfect for recipies and crochet patterns!

This feature comes from and you can use it to get a printfriendly version of any homepage you find online. It is really easy and totally free of charge. Let me show you how!

Copy the webadress (=URL), the part marked in blue in pic below, of the page you want to print. To copy the webadress mark the whole adress by holding down the left mouse clicker and drag the mouse over the text. Then rightclick the bluemarked text and choose Copy.


Open in a new window.


Paste the URL you just copied in the box that says enter a url. You can past by placing mouse pointer in the box, rightclick and choose Paste.



Now click print preview and voila, there is your printfriendly page! (The text in the pics below is partly in Swedish, I can’t do anything about it, Printfriendly knows  I’m Swedish 🙂 ) 


Now all that i s left is to print, save as PDF or send as an email to someone!

And if you want to remove unnecessary text you just place the mouse pointer at the part you want to remove and click. And if you have second thougths there is a regret-button!

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