Roasted Nut Butter with Seeds!

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I use nut butter every day for my breakfast egg chai and I used to make plain hazelnut butter. But then I read somewhere that you can mix nuts and seeds and toast them lightly before making the nut butter. It made a huge difference, so, so tasty!

Making your own nut butter is among the easiest things you can do in the kitchen. Anyone capable of turning on their oven and food blender can make nut butter!

There are several reasons to mix your nuts with seeds. First of all it is tasty and gives another dimension to the butter! Secondly seeds contains all sorts of things that are good for you! And last, but not least, seeds are usually cheaper to buy than nuts so it gives you a chance to be frugal.

After playing around with nuts and seeds I think two parts nuts to one part seeds gives a nice ratio.The exact amount of seeds and nuts does not matter so much, as long as your food processor can manage.  The recipie below says 2 cups of nuts and 1 cup of seeds but you can use more or less.

You can mix whatever seeds and nuts you like so start experimenting! This is a perfect way to clean out your cupboard. I’ve so far tried only sunflower seeds, a mix of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, melon kernels and chia seeds. All delicious!

For the nut part my new favourite combo is half almonds, half hazelnuts.

A pich of salt lifts the flavours but you can skip it if you want. And please remember that you can flavour your nut butter with whatever you want. A pinch of vanilla powder is really nice, but why not try cinamon or cardamom? I certainly will!

When you toast the nuts and seeds lightly you coax a bit more flavour out of them. And the blending process is a little quicker when the nuts and seeds are allready warm. But the mixing process still takes time so you need to be patient! It will take around 10 minutes or more!

Depending on how strong your food blender is you might have to pause to let it cool. The nuts and seeds will be really hot and maybe there will be some smoke from them. That is as it should be. But if your blender starts to smell a bit burned, turn it of and let it cool Before continuing.

In the pics for the recipie below I used hazelnuts, almonds, melon kernels, sesame seeds and chia seeds. I also found some pecan nuts lying around in my freezer (allways stash your nuts and seeds in the freezer due to high fat contence), so I added them on top as a bonus.

Finally time for the recipie!

(Click on pics to make them larger.)

Toasted nut and seed butter

  • 2 cups, or 3 dl, nuts (mix nuts to your pleasure)
  • 1 cup, or 1,5 dl, seeds (mix seeds to your pleasure)
  • 1 pinch salt (can be omitted)
  • seasoning of choice (can be omitted)

Set your oven to 300 degrees Farenheight, or 150 degrees Celcius.

Pour your nuts and seeds into a baking tray

Place the tray in the middle of your oven and toast for 15-20 minutes. The nuts and seeds should hardly take on any colour, just start to smell nicely.

Pour the hot nuts and seeds into your food blender with knives attatched.

Start blending for a long time, Then even longer. And longer. You might have to stop to scrape down the sides from time to time. Eventually the nuts and seeds will release their oils and form a mass. Continue mixing. At last there will be a smooth, runny nut and seed butter in your blender. The pics below doesn’t show this very well but the butter in the blender  is totally runny and shiny from oils.

Now blend in a pinch of salt and optional flavour, taste and adjust flavour if needed.

Pour into a clean jar and stash in your fridge when cooled down. It will keep for a long time but at my house it doesn’t last very long 🙂

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