Mandala Style Placemats!

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I wanted some new place mats for my kitchentable and searched the internet for a pattern but I couldn’t find one I liked. But in the search I stumbled upon this pattern, Little Spring Mandala, and fell in love!

I decided to try go grow it into place mats and I have to say I am really pleased with the result, being the first time I try to grow a pattern. So I desided to share the pattern with you guys!

170622 UPDATE!!! I finally updated this pattern and did the math to get rid of the flaring problem. So if you want to make these place mats with no flaring, click here to go to the pattern for Mandala Style Placemats 2.0!


In all honesty I should tell you that they did flare a bit at the edge when done, but that was easily blocked out. I used anothere round placemat as a “template” when blocking to get mine round and it worked like a charm!

I used 4 colours of Catania, a cotton yarn with a nice shine. Yarn weight  Sport; and texture5 ply, 12 wpi. Yarn length  137 yds by 1.75 oz, or 125 m by 50 gr. Using crochet hook no E 4, or 3.5 european style, the diameter will be about 14.5 inches, or 37 cm.

You can choose as many or few colours as you want. I can’t wait to see what you make of it, please, please, please post a pic on Stitches and Suppers Facebookpage when done!

Sadly I forgot to take note on how many balls of yarn I used but 1 ball of each colour should be enough for at least 2 place mats. Anyone making these, please take note of how much yarn is needed and let me know so I can update the pattern!

Try to start each round in a different place around your work as to not get all the ends wowen in at the same place on the back. There will be quite a few ends to weave in since we change colour for every row 🙂

And to make these look really good the pattern requires standing single crochets and standing double crochets. There are links to tutorials on these stitches below.

The pattern follows the pattern for Little Spring Mandala for 7 rounds so you will need that pattern for these rounds. Link below. It is free and in english.

Here is a link to this pattern on Ravelry. Feel free to add it to your favourites and queue so you won’t loose it 🙂 And post a pic of your finished project to show it off to other Ravelrers!

Oh, and if you find any errors or that something doesn’t make sense, please let me know so I can fix it!

Lets go!

Pattern for Placemats Mandalastyle


A: Aqua 397

B: Charcoal 393

C: Silver 172

D: Grey 242

Hook size

3.5 or E


14.5 inches (or 37 cm) in diameter

Special stitches:

Tutorial for standing single crochet

Tutorial for standing double crochet and standing 3dctog

Update: Here is a tutorial for an easier version of standing double crochet

3 double crochets together (3dctog):

Yarn over, insert hook in indicated stitch (or chain space), yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull strough 2 loops (2 loops on hook), yarn over, insert hook in indicated stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over,  pull through 2 loops on hook (3 loops on hook), yarn over, insert hook in indicated stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook (4 loops on hook), yarn over, pull throuhg all loops on hook. Done!


If you click the pics they will show bigger.


For round  1-7 follow this pattern, Little Spring Mandala, with colour changes as indicated below.

R 1: Colour A


R 2: Colour B


R 3: Colour C


R 4: Colour B



R 5: Colour A

You can leave the yarntail on front of the crochet, in the end of the pattern I will show you a way to make the join of this round invisible.


R 6:a: Colour D

R 6:b: Colour C

Sorry for bad colour on 3 last pics and pic for row 7, they were taken in the evening and we are loosing light in Sweden 🙂 For clearer pics of on how to make row 6:a and 6.b, se round 12:a and 12:b.


R 7: Colour A


R 8: Colour B: Repeat round 5.

R 9: Colour C: * 3dctog, chain (ch) 2, skip 1 stitch (st). * Repeat * – * rest of round. Join with slip stitch (sl st) in first 3dctog. Fasten of yarn.



R 10: Colour D: Repeat round 7.

R 11: Colour C: Repeat round 5.

R 12:a: Colour A: Repeat round 6:a.

R 12:b: Colour C: Repeat round 6:b.



R 13: Colour B: * 3 dc in first ch space from row 12:a and 12:b. Make sure to crochet over both rounds, 3 dc in next chain space, make sure to have 1 dc from round 12:a and 1 dc from round 12:b inbetween groups of dc in round 13, 2 dc in next ch space. * Repeat * – * rest of round. Join with slst in first dc of round. Fasten off.


R 14: Colour D: Repeat round 5.

R 15: Colour C: * 3dctog, ch 2, skip 2 st *. Repeat * – * rest of round. Join with slst in first 3dctog. Fasten off.

R 16: Colour A: Repeat round 7.

R 17: Colour B: Repeat round 5.

Round 18:a: Colour D: Repeat round 6:a.

Round 18:b: Colour C: Repeat round 6:b.

R 19: Colour B: Repeat round 7.

R 20: Colour A: Repeat round 5.

R 21: Colour C: Repeat round 15.

R 22: Colour D: Repeat round 7.

R 23: Colour C: Repeat round 5.

R 24:a: Colour A: Repeat round 6:a.

R 24:b: Colour B: Repeat round 6:b.

R 25: Colour D: Repeat round 13.

R 26: Colour B: Repeat round 5.

Now all you have to do is weave in all of  the yarn ends and you are done!

Here is a method to fasten of end on surface of crochet from row 5 to make the join invisible:

Thread yarn on needle and insert needle under the first sl st of round, from middle and out. Now insert needle in loop of last sl st of round and pull yarn out on the back of your work. You now basically have sewn a slipstitch and it is impossible to tell where round starts and ends!


23 thoughts on “Mandala Style Placemats!

    • Men det finns ju Ulrika 🙂 Högst upp i inlägget på engelska finns en klickbar länk, det står “Svenska här”. Klicka på den så kommer du till beskrivningen på svenska. Eller titta på startsidan, så finns det svenska inlägget där också. Lycka till, och glöm inte att skicka en bild på ditt färdiga projekt 🙂
      Kram Kajsa


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  2. Is it me or this is really hard to make :)? I have just started learn to crochet and wanted this to be my first work, because it really looks amazing. I am on 6th round now and it looks like a small bag!! It’s not flat at all! 😀 I have so much to learn….

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  6. These have been queued for a long time. Finally started! Making four and am about halfway done. Thank you for the pattern and for posting in English. 💗 from California

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  7. Hi! I love this pattern, but mine is turning up. On row 9. It looks like a bowl now for some reason. Is this normal?


    • Hi! It is a long time since I made these but I remember they did turn up a little bit at some point which sorted itself out after another couple of rounds. However, if yours look like a bowl you might have gotten your stitch count wrong at some point. I would go back and check that comparing to the pics of each round in the pattern. Please get back to me if this does not help and I will try to help you further.


    • I sprayblocked mine when making them but have washed them in mashine after that and then dried them on a flat surface so you could try wet blocking?


    • I got mine flat by sprayblocking them quite heavy. Have also washed mine since making them and then dried them on a flat surface so maybe you could try wet blocking?


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