Standing Single Crochet Tutorial!

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To get your work neat standing stitches are a great help. They eliminate the need for starting chains when changing colour and makes the changes almost invisible, especially when crocheting in rounds. You won’t be able to tell were a round starts.

Here is a pic of a square were I didn’t use the standing stitches tequnique. It is really obvious were my rounds start, see? The work is a bit crocked and knobbly and doesn’t look professional. Yes, I regret being lazy with this square 🙂

So I thought I would show you how to make standing stitches. In this post we cover standing single crochets. A post for standing double crochets is coming up right after this one. If you know standing double crochet you will be able to make standing triple crochet and so on.

Left pic shows row started with standing single crochet and right pic shows traditional start with chaining 1 and then doing a single crochet in the same stitch.


Start by making a slip knot and inserting your hook into it. Click on small pics to enlargen them if needed.

Insert hook into starting stitch.


Yarn over. Pull through.


Yarn over. Pull through. Continue with regular single crochets.

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