Owl key holder!

Svenska här

I loose my keys all the time. So when I still had yarn left over after making my Sunburstbag and my toiletrybag I decided to use it to make a fairly large key holder to help prevent my keys from running away.

I had seen such a qute owl made for a baby decoration by Svarta Huset. I made just the owl skipping some rounds to make it a bit smaller.

I really wanted to show you my owl and got her permission to translate her pattern. I ended up making a separate post translating the whole decoration because I thougth it was so gorgeous. You can find the post here.

So, here is how I adapted the owl to make it smaller:

I made 5 rounds instead of 7 increasing the stitches and then skipped the 2 last rounds before adding the wings.

When adding the wings I did not do the ch 1 skip 1 stitch since I did not want to pull through a string.

I ended up doing all the rounds after adding the wings. Finally I sewed my owl to a key holder and I still have my keys so it seems to be working 🙂

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