Lining for my Toiletry bag Inspired by Bautawitch!

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A while ago I promised to show you how I lined my Toiletry Bag Inspired by Bautawitch. I really didn’t want my odds and ends falling out of the holes between the mouches. And the lining gives the bag a proffesional finish even though the model is really simple 🙂

I still had fabric left from lining my Sunburstbag.

You will need:

  • Fabric to line with, mine was a fairly stiff cotton
  • Sewing thread same colour as lining fabric
  • Needle to sew with
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Stitch markers or safety pins
  • 1 piece of string
  • 1 pencil
  • Preferably a sewing machine

Start by measuring the bottom of your bag from side to middle (radius). My bottom’s radius was 2,2 inches. The measuring tape (in cm not inches in the picture!) wouldn’t stay still but here is the picture anyway . (The small pictures will show larger if you click them.)


Add 1/2 inch to allow for sewing, in my case that makes 2,7 inches.

Tie a piece of string to a pencil. Measure your radius + your extra half inch from tip of pencil and mark this on your string. Cut string about 1/2 inch from marking.

Hold, or pin, string at marking to your fabric. Keep string tense and draw a circle with the pencil. There is the bottom for your lining!


Now measure the circumference (around) both top of your sack and around your lining bottom. Use the largest measurement. (I learned this the hard way as you can see in the picture below.. I only measured the top of the sack and not my lining bottom, wich was larger. I came out about 1 inch short and had to add an extra piece to my side…) Also measure the height of your sack.

Cut a rectangle, the length of your largest cicumference + 1 1/2 inch to be safe and the height of your  sack + 1 1/2 inch.

Now pin your side to the bottom to make sure you measured right. Adjust the length of the side if it is too long, you need the circumference + 1 inch. Mark on wrong side of fabric were your side seam will go. In this picture you can see I came about 1 inch short…)



Edge the parts with zig zag seam on sewing machine. Sew the side part to a tube.

Again pin your side to the bottom, right side of fabric facins right side. A tip: Since wrong side of fabric will face inside of sack no one will ever see it. Feel free to mark wrong side with a large pencil X to quickly see what is wrong side.


I choose to baste (is that a word? I found it on Google translate…) the parts together by hand with large stitches before sewing on machine. I was afraid I would get unsightly folds if sewing on machine with the pins in fabric.


Sew your sides to your bottom by machine. Remove basting (?) seam.

Now put your lining into your sac.

Decide against witch row of crochet stitches you will sew your lining to your sac. I decided top of next to last row of dc’s. Mark the height of this on your lining.

Take the lining out of the sack and measure from top to marking. Mark this height along whole lining.


Fold top of lining down to marks and iron the edge. Fold once mor and iron again. Now your lining has the right height.


Mark back, front and middle of sides on your lining with pins. Mark the same points on sack with stitch markers or safety pinsl


Put your lining in the sack and line the markers. Pin the lining to the sack using marking pins. If neaded make a pleat inbetween the pins so the lining has the same circumference as sack.



Pin your lining carefully to the sack. Sew the lining to the sack by hand using your neatest stitches.



4 thoughts on “Lining for my Toiletry bag Inspired by Bautawitch!

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  3. Yes, ‘baste’ is correct. Less formally, we used to say ‘tack’ or use ‘tacking’ stitches, meaning larger stitches to hold in place while you are doing the finishing/final stitches.


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