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Do you remember this post DIY Almond milk? When writing it I promised to show you what to do with the left over almond fibres and now the time has come!

These fibres make for world class Low Carb breadcrumb substitute! They look like breadcrumbs and they have a good ability to soak liquid. I use them everywere I would have used bread crumbs before this WOE.

I have tried to bread with almond flour before but it tends to come off in the pan. But when I made breaded filets of chicken with chili butter and mashed broccoli (recipie post in the making) with the almond fiber breadcrumbs it stuck to the filets and the coating was really crisp and delicious!

So please do not throw away the fiber ball when making almond milk! Do this instead:

Crumble the fiber mass as well as possible onto a baking tray covered with grease proof paper.


Let the crumbs drie in an oven set to 210-250 degrees Farenheight or 100-120 degrees Celcius until they are completely dry. Let them cool.

Blitz the hard dry pieces of almondfiber until they resemble breadcrumbs.