Quick and delicious cottage and feta cheese mix!

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I learned today that one of my facebbook friends have made my roasted  cauliflower several times, and it really made me happy to learn that someone actually reads, and likes, what I post! I grew at least 2 inches and spent the entire afternoon mostly looking like a rooster 🙂

And tonight I met up with two friends for dinner, so nice to spend a couple of hours catching up and chatting!

But dinner out means there are no leftovers to bring to work for lunch tomorrow. And there are no good places to eat where I work.

So I bought a piece of smoked salmon and when I came home I added some sallad to the salmon. But it still looked really dry and sad…

After a quick safari in my fridge I came up with something I don’t know what to call in english. You are really welcome to help out here! It isn’t really a sauce because it is thicker, but can still be used as a sauce.

Anyway, I was inspired by Greece and the sauce thing was delicious!!! It took me 2 minutes to make and I couldn’t resist eating the leftovers with a spoon. But I think it would be so good to serve in half and avocado or on top of seed crackers!

For about 4 servings you need

(Please do not see the quantities in pounds and ounzes as exact since I just roughly translate from grams, use a measurement or package size near that makes sense to you!)

  • A little more than 1 pound, or 500 grams, of cottage cheese
  • About 5 ounzes, or 150 grams, of feta cheese
  • 1 small bunch of fresh oregano, or a couple of teaspoons dried (but I think fresh is better really)
  • Lemon zest from 1 lemon (optional)
  • 1 generous glug of olive oil, extra virgin
  • pepper to taste

Mash the feta cheese with a fork in a bowl. Mix with cottage cheese, oregano (chop roughly or cut with a pair of scissors if using fresh), lemon zest and pepper. Add in a generous glug of olive oil to loosen. Taste. Done!

I really look forward to my lunch tomorrow 🙂

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