DIY Almondmilk

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Almond milk (or any nut milk you want) is a piece of cake to make your self. It tastes way better than store bought and the store bought versions often have various unnecessary additives in them.

The home made milk will stay fresh for up to one week if you take care to use clean equipment making it and store it in the fridge.

But why make almond milk? Because it is so damned tasty, thats why! Use it for a cup of hot cocoa made with almond milk, cocoa and birch xylitol, yum!

You need a reasonable strong mixer and som sort of cloth to sieve your milk. There are special nut milk bags you can buy, like this one.

But some not to finely wowen fabric will also work. I use this:

Yes, it’s a laundry bag, the kind you would use when washing your delicasys. They come cheap and are found in most stores (at least in Sweden). Some almond fibres will end up in your milk using this one but fibres are good for your stomach!

You need to soak your almonds and apparently good things happen if you soak them for 24 hours. They then supposedly sprout changing their contents of nutritions with their protein level increasing by 50 %. I don’t know if this is true but if you have the time to soak for 24 hours it won’t hurt the almonds.

I did try to freeze soaked almonds and making milk from them later but the milk did not taste as good made from those almonds.

Feel free to peel your almonds after soaking if you want to. I don’t since I imagne there are lots of nutritients in the skin and I can’t bother peeling them either…

The fibres left after making the milk are not garbage, they are highly usable but we will get back to that in another post.

Update: Here is the post on what to do with the almond fibres!

Here we go!

To make about 4 cups, or 1 litre, of almond milk you need:

  • 200 grams of almonds
  • 4 cups, or 1 litre, of water
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla powder (optional but gives really good taste)


Soak your almonds in water for at least 5 hours. Put them in the fridge so they won’t go sour.


Rinse the almonds in running cold water. Peel if desired. Place the almonds in the mixer along with half of the water and vanilla powder.


Blitz your almonds for about 5 minutes. I start of on a low speed level and increase as I go, using the top speed for the last 3 minutes.

Then pour in the rest of the water and blitz for a couple of seconds to mix.

Sieve the almond milk into a bowl. I place my laundry bag in the bowl and pour the milk into the opening, but here is room for artistic freedom. The important thing is that the milk gets sieved.


Let the milk drain.

Squeeze as much liquid as possible to get all the goodness out of the mixed almonds. Left in the bag are the fibres. And we will get back to their use in another post.


The easiest way to get the milk from the bowl into a bottle is by pouring it into a pitcher with a wide mouth first. I rinse the mixing pitcher and use it for this purpose = less washing up to do when done. Then pour your milk into a bottle.


And you are done!

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    • Thanx! Yes I know, I do find it difficult to anticipate when it’s time to soak a new batch of nuts. I did try to freeze soaked nuts but unfortunately the milk didn’t taste as good made with the frozen (and thawed nuts)…


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