The MooglyCAL 2014 eng

Svenska här

I thought I would show you last year’s CAL (CrochetALong) from Moogly. I found the CAL in august and had to crochet like a madman to catch up 🙂

It really is not easy to take a pic of a whole blanket.


Through this link you will reach all posts about the CAL on the Moogly site.

When I started this I didn’t understand US size or yarn weight or anytning som I ended up doing 11 extra squares and also adding rows to all the squares.

I learned tons of new things and above all the importance of the squares being the same size.

Mine weren’t and joining them was… not fun!

I also should have given my colour combo more thought, a white blanket with 2 cats that come and go as they please with dirty paws is not my smartest idea. There is a reason this year’s CAL is in shades of grey 🙂

I used The Flat Braid Join to join my squares and parts of this edging from Look at What I Made.

Here are pics of some of the squares.


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