Fried fish filets

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I used to have a really hard time fying fish filets, they would break, be over- or undercooked, it was difficult to get a nice sear and so on.

But then I picked up on a tip watching a danish cooking show and my fish frying days have been happy ever after so I thought I would share 🙂

This works best when the filet still has skin on one side but can be used on skinless fish filets as well. They willl be more fragile with no skin.

Be geneous with cooking fat in the skillet, I usually use ghee or olive oil.

The skillet should be hot, I use level no 7 out of 10 on my stove.

Pat the filets dry with a bit of kitchen paper. If they are wet they will boil instead of fry.

Put them in the pan when the pan is hot, skin side down if they have skin, and let them sit. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and the spices you plan to use but do not turn them over on the other side yet. You do need to watch them though to be able to turn at the right moment.

Now you will see when the fish cooks trough. It will turn from seethrough to more of a solid white (or pink if using salmon).

When the fish is almost cooked through and there is just a milimeter or two left of raw fish on top turn it over and let it fry for just a minute on the other side.

This way the fillets will be as firm as they can be when you turn them to minimize breakage. They won’t be overcooked since you could see when they were done.

So go fry som fish for dinner, it’s good for you! Serve it with some sauce hollandaise with shrimps and dill and your stomach will be laughing!

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