Nut butter

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Do you know how easy it is to make your own nut butter? It’s a piece of cake! Pour some nuts into your food processor. Hit the power switch. Wait. Wait some more, And more. Done!

There are two difficulties to this process. 1: To have the power to beliveve the nuts will actually turn into butter. 2: Have the patience to wait for as long as it takes.

My favourite nut to turn into butter is hazelnut. But last time I made my butter there was only one bag of hazelnuts in my freezer (always stash your nuts in the freezer, due to high fat content they go bad really quick otherwise). So I learned that hazelnuts and almonds make a great nut butter combo!

All kinds of nuts will work for this so feel free to experiment!

There are loads of recipies for this on the web, more or less alike. This is how I do it:

You need

Nuts. For my food processor two bags of 200 grams each is a good amount.

A food processor

If you want: a few grains of salt and maybe some vanilla powder.

Pour your nuts into the food processor. Add salt and / or vanilla if you want. Start the processor.

Let the processor work. For a really long time. Sometimes you might have to stop to scrape down the sides.

After a really long time your nuts will resemble wet sand.

Keep going for another eternity and you will see that the nuts start to form something resembling a cookie dough. The dough will be hot due to the friktion heat. This is how it should be!

Keep going. The dough will look more and more like butter.

Finally, after about 10 to 15 minutes there will be soft, warm nut butter in your processor.

Pour into a jar and keep in your fridge.

Some food processors whose engines aren’t that strong will need to be shut off and allowed to cool down a couple of times during the process. I don’t have that problem with mine, it’s a swedish brand well over 10 years old.

A tablespoon or two of this nutbutter in my egg chai breakfast is really yummy! Or use it as a small gift to someone you like!

Update: You really have to try this Hot Cocnut Egg Cocoa using the nut butter!

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