A cowl to go with my hat

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A while ago I made this hat for myself and since then I’ve been trying to find a pattern for a cowl to go with it.

As usual Moogly came to my rescue by posting a link to this really nice scarf, The Every Man’s Scarf by Fiberfluxon facebook.

I love the stripes that are really different on each side and I love it has texture. The only problem was that it is’nt a cowl.

So I decided to use the stitchpattern but turn it into a cowl.

This is what I did:

You can use any yarn you want to, just adjust amoun of stitches and hook size. I used Rowan Purelife Renew wool yarn. I haven’t been able to find an english link to it. I used almost 2 balls of each color,Truck and Lorry. The stitchpattern would also look great with more contrasting colors!

I used a hook size 6/ G

My scarf measures 150 x 18 cm but you make it as long and as wide as you want to. You crochet the scarf lenghtwise and stop when it is wide enough.

With color A (this color is the one that will show the most on the textured side) start with chainless foundation double crochet foundation stitches and make it as long as you want your scarf.Join with a slipstitch, taking care not to twist your foundation.

This will give you a nice and elastic edge of the scarf. But if you don’t like the technique feel free to chain as many as you need, join with a slip stitch, chain 3 and make a row of doble crochets.

I started with 120 chainless foundation dc.

Change to color B. TURN your work. Chain 2. Do a back post dc in every dc Join with slip stitch to top of ch 2 in the beginning of round.

Change to color A. TURN your work. Chain 3. Do a dc in every back post dc of previous row. Join with slipstitch to top of ch 3 in beginning of row.

Alternate these 2 rows until the scarf is as wide as you want it, ending with color A. Fasten of and weave in ends.

Voila, done!


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