Tank Slippers

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A friend sent me this picture he found on the internet and asked if I would make him a pair as a christmas gift. Of course I would!

I googled the piicture and found this pattern by Milligurumis on Etsy. As far as I can tell this pattern is the original. Please correct med if I’m wrong!

Let me tell you, this was not an easy project! It took patience and time, but was really fun too, and here is the result

I had to make the largest size in the pattern, to get a size 42,  but I’m not sure if I had the right weight of yarn.

We have a special kind of yarn in Sweden made of around 70 % wool and 30 % nylon. We use it to make thick socks for winter. Its called raggsocksgarn. Here is a link to the one I used. For the black and the white I had some light worsted weight acrylic yarn at home.

After putting so much work into the slippers I didn’t want them to wear out too quickly so I added leather soles with the inside of the leather facing the floor to not make them slippery.

I stuffed them with a couple of shredded old T-shirts and that worked fine.

The barrels had a tendensy to sag so I pulled a piece of yarn  through the slipper and into the base of the barrel and then back again. You can now pull the yarn and tie with a bowtie to tighten and erect (hahaha) the barrel as needed. (You can actually use this feature to make the slippers look quite naughty if you want to 🙂 ).

I also had to add a round on the medium and upper part of the hull and when I was done putting the thing together I crochetet a row of single crochets around the different edges to define them a bit better.

OK, admit I really have no idea if the tank specific lingo is correct, I bluntly steal the tank terms from the pattern 🙂

My friend is very happy with his new slippers and so am I!

Want a pair but don’t want to make them yourself? I found this link (suspiciously old though)  were you can buy them.

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