My very own hat!


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Let’s face it, I will never become a supermodel, but I really wanted to show you guys my new hat!  And taking selfies is no picnic, I need to find myself a teenager to teach me proper technique.

I made it with Rowan Purelife Renew wich I got from Wincent Garner in Stockholm.

The yarn is made of recycled wool and just a tiny bit of polyamide. I tried to find a link for it but failed. It is 75 metres/ 82 yards per 50 gr and I used one ball in the shade Lorry and one ball Truck. There is still a bit left in each ball.

The pattern is The Fascination Street Slouchy by Kristina Olsson and you find it on Ravelry.

I pretty much followed the pattern except for using this technique to get the join less visible, this one to get a straight join and adding a row of single crochets at the end.

To get a straight join you have to modify the technique when crocheting in the tube and I plan to do a post on that soon.

I really like the uneven striping, it keeps things interesting. It is a quick project, took me a couple of hours, and would make a nice gift.

I still have one ball of each shade left. Anyone has a tip fo a cowl/ infinity scarf to go with my new hat?

2 thoughts on “My very own hat!

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