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A couple of days ago I did a post on how to make your join less invisible when crocheting in a cicle. This works well and gives you a straight join as long as you are crocheting someting flat, with increases.

But when crocheting a more tubeformed objeckt, like a hat after the initial increases, the join will move a little bit to the right with every row. This will happen even if you join traditional and count your beginning chain as a stitch.

I made a swatch to show you, join marked with pink yarn.

But there is a way (there are probably lots of ways but this is how I do it) to solve this. I made a swatch to show you. I use the technique for less visible join for this but it works if you choose to count your beginning chain as a stitch as well.

The swatch is mad with half double crochet (hdc), each round begins with chain (ch) 2 that does not count as a stitch. Each round is joined with a slipstitch (sl) in the first hdc of the round.

For the swatch I chainded 40, joined with sl, ch 2, 1 hdc in every st and joined with sl in first hdc.

The first stitch of the row is marked with pink yarn and the green stitch marker indicates the last stitch of the round.

Ch 2, 1 hdc in the first st of last row, the one with pink yarn.

1 hdc in every stitch for the rest of the row. The last stitch in the one with the stitchmarker.

Join in first hdc of row with a sl.

For the next row we want to move the join a little bit to the left to compensate for the move to the right on the round before.

Ch 2. Make first hdc in the second stitch of row before, the stitch after the one with pink yarn.

1 hdc in every stitch the rest of the row. Then make your last stitch in the join of the row before, after the stitch with the stitch marker.

Join with sl in the first hdc of row.

Now alternate between these 2 rows and the join will come out straight! I let the pink yarn follow the first hdc of every row to show you.

End the project with the row starting with first stitch in first stitch of row before. This because the other row makes a gap in the beginning wich is hidden by he next row but will be visible if used as ending row. You can do 2 similar rounds ontop of each other, that won’t pull the join to far to the right to be noticable.

This will work with any stitch and you choose if you want to count the beginnin chain as a stitch or not. If you count them the join will be more visible.

Take care to do the correct stitch count for every row, it is easy to accidentaly increase or decrease, I recomend you do a stitch count on a regular basis.

Good luck, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or just want t o chat. Or maybe you have an even better way to do this? I would love to try!