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I’m not a fan of the look of a join in a circle when you do it the traditional way so I thought I would show you how I do it. I learned the technique from Rheateylia and use it all the time now.

The join is still visible but in my opinion much less obvious and neater. I made two swatches to show you Traditional join to the left and less visible one to the right.

The less visible join will sometimes create a small ridge on the back of the project. This is not so noticable in these swatches but this is what it looks like,

Traditional to the left and less visible to the right:

This is how to do it:

Never count your beginning chain. Make it and then forget about it. Make the stitch that comes next in the same stitch as the beginning chain and then do the round as usual. Do not join in beginning chain. Join in first real stitch of round.

For these swatches I wanted 12 dc in a circle.

For traditional swatch I made a ch 3, 11 dc and joined in ch 3 with sl.

I kept on using the ch 3 in beginning of each round as a stitch and joined in the ch 3 with sl.

For the swatch with less visible join I made a ch 3 and then 12 dc, joining with sl in first dc of round.

The ch 3 will be pushed to the back of the project making it not so visible. This is also what can create a ridge in the back.

I then kept on doing a ch 3 for each round but not counting it as a stitch. Instead I made a dc in same stitch as beg ch 3 and in the end I joined with sl in first dc of round.