Egg chai

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This is one of those things you need to try before you discard. When I first heard of this I found the idea of eggs in tea horrid. But I tried and now this is one of y favourite breakfasts.

You make egg chai in less than 2 minutes and drink it even faster so it’s perfect for a busy morning, and you won’t be hungry before lunch.

I changed up the original recipie by using hazelnut butter and coconut oil instead of butter. This makes the chai dairy free, lowcarb, vegetarian, full of good fats and utterly delicious!

The nut butter adds a slight texture wich I like but feel free to substitute.

You need

350 ml (1 +1/4 cup)hot tea, favourite kind.

1 spoonful coconut oil or butter. Don’t be shye with the amount!

1 spoonful nut butter . Or use double amount of fat.

2 eggs, or 3 egg yolks if you are intimidated by the thought of whole eggs.

Here we go

Crack the eggs in a small bowl. Pour tea in a container suitable for handblender. Add fat and nutbutter. Start blending. Pour in the eggs while blending and keep on blending for 15-20 seconds.Pour into a large glass. Enjoy!

Are you feeling extra luxiourus and want to stay full even longer, feel free to add a splash of heavy cream.

You could do this with coffee instead, but you would end up with an egg latte.

Update: Here is the same idea with hot cocoa.

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