Hat and fingerless gloves

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I had some yarn left over from making  the shawl for my mum, so I decided to make a hat as well.  The pattern for the hat is from www.rheatheylia.com. It’s called Divine Hat and you find the pattern here.

From the very last leftovers I made a pair of fingerless gloves in the same design as the Divine Hat. Here is how I made them ( hook no 6 or whatever you need to fit your yarn):

I started off with a single crochet foundation chain with 28 stitches. Or you could do a chain of 29 and make 28 sc in it.Join with slipstitch in first sc.

The important thing here is you want a stitch count that you can divide by four, so go ahead and make as many stitches you need to make a glove that fits the wrist of the bearer.

Ch 2 and make a row of 1 dc in every stitch. Forget about the chain 2, does not count as a stitch, not for this row, not for any rows in this project. Join wit sl in first dc.

Basic row: ch 2, fpdc (front post double crochet) in first dc. Do 3 dc in the space inbetween the dc you made the fpdc in and the next dc. Skip 3 dc, x fpdc in next dc, 3 dc in space inbetween this dc and next, skip 3 dc x.

Repeat between the X:es for the rest of the row. Join in first fpdc with sl.

Repeat this row as many times as needed to make the glove the length you want it up to the thumbhole.

When it’s time for the thumbhole you ch 7 after the first fpdc, skip 7 st and continue the rest of the row as usual.

The next row you make 7 dc in the chainspace, preferably 1 st in each chain wich will make it the most neat, continue the row as usual.

Then continue the basic row as many rows as needed to make the glove the lenght you want it. Finish off with a row of sc and fasten of.

Next time I make these I will turn the pattern for one glove to make a left and a right one.




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