Långrostade mandlar / Slow roasted almonds

Igår var vi på galet god middag hos min mamma. Jag tog med en burk långrostade mandlar  (recept i länken) som gåbortspresent. De är galet goda, jag har alltid en burk i kylen (mandel och nötter är feta och härsknar fort i rumstemp) som jag använder på allt (och småäter av när ingen ser).

I min ugn måste de står ca 5-10 in efter att den kommit upp i 175 grader, men passa noga.


Yesterdday we were at my mom and had a fabolous dinner. I brought her a jar of slowroasted almonds for a small treat. They are sooo tasty, I always keep a jar in the fridge (almonds and nuts contain a lot of fat and quickly go bad in room temperature). I use them for positively everything (and I munch on them when nobody is looking)

Since the recipie in the link is in swedish, here is how to do them:

Place whole unpeeled almonds in a small metal tray. They should not be spread out but be really close to each other. Place them in a cold oven and turn the heat up to 175 degrees Celcius. They are usually done when the oven is warm but check on them. They should be light brown throughout their insides. In my owen they usually need 5-10 minutes more but you do NOT want to burn them so check regulary!

4 thoughts on “Långrostade mandlar / Slow roasted almonds

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