Pattern for chihuhaua costume

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My daughter owns a chihuahua dog named “Biffen” wich means “Steak” in Swedish, but it can also mean a really muscular person. He gets cold in the winter so I made him some costumes to stay warm.

This post is in english because quite a few english speaking fellow crocheters have asked for a pattern. English is not my native tounge. Also, this is my first attempt to a pattern, and also my first attempt at a blog (startet it yesterday, have really NO idea what I’m doing…)

A great BIG thank you to Linda Owens and Christina Davis who tried the pattern for me!

They, and I, think you will need some chrochet knowledge to be able to follow my instructions.

Oh, maybe I should say, this is WAY too small for a cat, I was just trying the bumble bee and the santa ones on the cats while making them.

Update: Here is a link to the pattern on Ravelry. Feel free to add it to your favourites and queue so you won’t loose it 🙂

Basic pattern:

  • Size: Fits small chiuaua who weights about 2 kg.
  • Yarn: I used acrylic light worsted weight , one ball 50 gr = 130 m  is enough.
  • Hook: No 4,5 and 5
  • Needle to swe and weave in ends


I have chosen extended single crochet stitches for 2 reasons. First, they are dense as single crochet to make a warm costume but work up faster. Second they stay a little straighter in their rows compared to single crochet stitches that tend to start tilting to the left. So,if you would want to add something, like a heart in constrasting coulor work it would come out a little neater with the extended single crochet stitches.

We start with the neckline and will be working our way to the tail. When this is done we will add the hood. Begining chains does not count if not otherwise specified.


R 1: Make a chainless hdc foundation chain of 37 stitches with hookno 5. Or chain 38 and do a hdc in third stich from needle and 35 more hdc. Turn, (37 st)

R2-3: Chain 2.  Hdc in first stitch from hook. Alternate 1 fpdc, 1 bpdc the rest of the row, but ordinary hdc in last stitch, turn (37 st)

R 4: 1 ch, , sc in every stitch. turn (37 st). If changing colour do this now.

R5: 1 ch, 17 sc, chain 3, skip 3 st, 17 sc. turn. (37 st). This will make a hole for the leash.

R 6: 1 ch, sc in every stitch (3 sc in chain-3 space), turn. (37 st)

If you make the stitches in the backpump of the chainstitches it will come out neatest but hou could just crochet around the chain.

R 7: 2 ch, 1 exsc in each of the first 9 st, 3 exsc in next st, 1 extsc in each of the following 8 st, 3 exsc in next  st, 1 exsc in each of the following 8 st, 3 exsc inext st, 1 exsc in each of next 9 st, turn. (43 st).

I place stitchmarkers in the middle stitch and in the middle stitch of the side increases to help me.

R 8: Ch 2. I extsc in each st across, turn (43 st)

R 9: Ch 2 , 1 extsc in each of  the first 10 st, 3 extsc in next st, 1 extsc in the following 21 st, 3 extsc in the next st, 1 extsc in each of the following 11 st. Turn (47 st)

R 10-11: Ch 2, extsc in every st, turn ( 47 st)

R 12: Ch 2, Extsc in each of first 5 st, ch 5, skip 5 st, extc in next 27 st, ch 5, skip 5 st, extsc in next 5 st, turn,  (47 st). This will make the holes for the front legs.

R 13- 15: Ch 2, extsc across, turn (47 st)

( If you make the extsc in the backbump of the chain stitches for the legs it will come out neatest, but if you want you could just make 5 st around the chain.)

R 16: Ch 2. Extsc in first 9 stitches. extsctog in next 2 st, 1 extsc, extsctog in next 2 st, extsc in next 20 st, extsctog in next 2 st, 1 extsc, extsctog in next 2 st, extsc in next 9 st, turn. (43 st).

If using stitchmarkers the extsctog come om each side of the stitchmarkers on the side.

R 17-18: Ch 2, extsc across, turn (43 st)

R 19: Slipstitch in first 4 st. Chain 2 and make 1 extsctog in same stitch as last slipstitch + next st. Extsc in each of next  33 st, extsctog in next to st. Skip last 3. turn (35 st)

R 20: Ch 2, extsc across, turn (35 st)

R 21: Ch 2 Extsctog in first 2 st, extsc in all the next st exept for last 2, where you do 1 extsctog, turn ( 33 St)

R 22: Ch 2, extsc across, turn, (33 st)

R 23-34: Repeat R 21 and 22, ending up with 23 st.

Sew or chrochet (with slipstitches) the front together (from the neckline to where you sliipstitched the first 4 st and skipped the last 3 stithes. Now you see the form of the costume.

With hook no 4 make hdc all around the back part of the costume (see picture of the dragon costume). Space these stithes evenly and do 3 stitches in “outward” corners and hdctog in “inward corners”.Join with slipstitch. If you do this in contrasting colour it will look much better if you start with 1 row of sc in base colour all around before doing the hdc in contrasting colour.

Chain 1 and make 1 row of alternating bphdc and fphdc around, increasing and decreasing in corners as needed to make look nice. Fasten off.

If you want to the costume will look neater with a row of sc around each leghole. One could probably ad more rows to make small sleeves if one wanted to.

Now for the basic hood, hook no 4,5:

R 1:At neckline, make a row of sc starting at the bottom of the neckline. Leave a gap of about 1 cm without sc at the bottom (facing the floor when dog is wearing). Make sure that you have an even count of stitches, increasing in the middle if needed. Place stitchmarkers in the 2 middle stitches.

R 2: Ch 2 Extsctog in first 2 st. Extsc in following st up to middle st. Make 2 extsc in each one of the middle st, place stitchmarkers in the new 2 middle stitches. Extsc in following st up to last 2 st. Extsctog in last to st. Turn. As your are decreasing in beginning and end and increasing in the middle you should come out with the same stitchcount as in R 1.

R 3: Ch 2. Extsc across. Turn.

R 4- 7: Repeat R 2 and 3.

R 8: Ch 2, Extsctog in first 2 st, 1  extsc in each next stitches until extsctog in middle 4 st, move stitchmarkers to new 2 middle st, extsc in next st until the last 2 where you make extsctog. Turn. This way you should decrease 4 st in this row.

R 9: Ch 2, extsc across, turn

R 10-17: Repeat R 8 and 9.

Sew or slipstitch crochet the top of the hood together.

With hook no 4, make a row of hdc around the “face” of the hood spacing them evenly. It will look nicest if hou start at the bottom (where you left a gap) and work your way around. Join with slipst. If using contrasting colour it will look neater if you first sc all around with base colour.

With hook no 4 Ch 1 and do 1 row of alternatng fpdc and bpdc around. Fasten off.

Santa shaped hood:

If you want a Santa hood keep doing R 2 and 3 for the entire length of the hood.

Bumblebee costume:

For the bumblebee costume you se on the cat I changed between black and yellow every four rows of the body. The wings I made in a sparkly white yarn and I copied them from a bumblebee dog costume featured by the Crochet Crowd.

I don’t remember wich hook size I used but it was way bigger than in the pattern. And, I didn’t use the wiery things either.

Santa’s costume:

For the Santa costume, also featured on a cat) I made a belt by adding 4 rows of black, with 7 yellow stitches in the middle of each row  for belt and belt buckle.

Dragon costume:

For the dragon costume I made the middle 3 stiches of the body in orange, and the middle 2 of the hood (it was a little fuzzy to figure out how to do it with decreases but somehow it worked). I made the body longer by doing extra rows with decreases every row until I had the middle 3 stitches left.

I then took double yarn and hook no 4 and made a row of sc in the middle, from the tail up to the leash hole. Used ch 1 for every turn.

The spikes are made by starting with a row of  even numbers of sc and decreasing with sctog in the beginning and end of every row. I made 2 spikes starting with 10 sc, 2 with 8, 1 with 6 and 1 with 4 I think but you will have to try different ones depending on your stitchcount.

Same thing for the hood, but use smaller spikes and I would add I spike to the neckline too. I did not for mine but I think it would look nicer.

Tip: While I tried out mine to see what looked good I did not fasten off the yarn but held the loop on top of each in place by placing a stitchmarker in it, left a good size piece of yarn in between and did not cut the yarn until I was happy.

Ok, this whas my first attempt of a pattern, I am sure there are millions of mistakes. Do NOT hesitate to contact me if you find errors, have a better way of desscribing things or have question.

Please, do NOT hesitate to contact me when you find errors, or better ways to describe things or other improvements!

I love making these because they are relatively quick to make. In my head I’m planning for a chicken costume for easter, maybe a lady bug costume, and the santa hood would make an awesome cape if not sewn together…

If you do make a costume, please post a pic on my facebook page Stitches and Supper, it would make me sooo happy!

16 thoughts on “Pattern for chihuhaua costume

  1. My heart gave a big squeeze when I saw these adorable costumes. Bless the kitties for being such good models. I love the dinosaur costume. You are very talented and your instructions are easy to follow. Thank you for these patterns!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Hi there just making sure on hook sizes, is that supposed to be hook 4 and hook 5, or hook 4.5 (4 1/2) and hook 5?


    • Hi Aleq! Sorry for late answer, I have been away on holliday with no internet connection. Thank you for noticing, it should be hook 4.5 and 5, but you might have to adjust according to your tension. I have now updated pattern with correct hook size.


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  5. Hi, great pattern! So it will fit a 4 pound dog, right? I want to make this for a 4 pound teacup dog, just making sure it will fit.


    • Hi! That would totally depend on yarn and hook. The dog I made it for weighs almost 2 kilos. You can always adapt size by adding or detracting rowws and number of stitches.


      • Space these stithes evenly and do 3 stitches in “outward” corners and hdctog in “inward corners”.

        This part really confuses me and I was wondering if you can help break down what you mean by the inward and outward corners. Great pattern !! Loving it so far!!


      • Hi! Hmm, how to explain? On a rectangle all the corners are “outwards” they are facing outwards and you would have to increase your stitches in order to get a flat piece. And inward corners are the oppositet, where you have to decrease to get a flat piece. I cannot think of a common object with an inward corner, but hope this helps.


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